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Charles Dickens Biography Essay Example For Students

Charles Dickens: Biography Essay This report will discuss the life of an acclaimed creator, Charles Dickens. It will enlighten you regarding his initial, center, and later long periods of his life. It will likewise discuss one of his extraordinary works of writing. Taking everything into account, this report will show a correlation of his work to his life. EARLY LIFE Charles Dickens was conceived at Landport, in Portsea, on February 7, 1812. His dad was an agent in the Navy Pay-Office, and was briefly working in the local when Charles was conceived. His name was John Dickens. He invested energy in jail for obligations. Be that as it may, in any event, when he was free he did not have the cash to help his amily. At that point, when Charles was two they moved to London. 1 Just before he began to meander, he ventured into the glare of footlights. He never ventured out of it until he kicked the bucket. He was a decent man, as men go in the puzzling universe of our own, fearless, straightforward, compassionate, and fair. Dickens was consistently excessively bad tempered on the grounds that he was excessively upbeat. Like the over-fashioned youngster in the public arena, he was magnificently agreeable, and in but now and again factious. We will compose a custom paper on Charles Dickens: Biography explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now In all the down to earth relations of his life he was what the kid is at a gathering, really pleased, great, tender and appy, and in some weird way on a very basic level pitiful and hazardously near tears. 2 At the age of 12 Charles worked in a London manufacturing plant gluing marks on containers of shoe clean. He held the activity just for a couple of months, yet the hopelessness of the experience stay with him for his entire life. 3 Dickens went to class now and again until he was 15, and afterward left for good. He delighted in perusing and was particularly enamored with experience stories, fantasies, and books. He was impacted by such before English essayists as William Shakespeare, Tobias Smollet, and Henry Fielding. Be that as it may, the majority of the information he later utilized s a creator originated from his condition around him. 4 MIDDLE LIFE Dickens turned into a news author and journalist in the late 1820s. He had practical experience in covering banters in Parliament, and furthermore composed element articles. His work as a correspondent honed his normally sharp ear for discussion and built up his expertise in depicting his characters speach all things considered. It additionally expanded his capacity to watch and to compose quickly and obviously. Dickens first book, Sketches by Boz (1836) comprised of articles he composed for the Monthly Magazine and the London Evening Chronicles. 5 On April 2, 1836 he wedded Catherine Hogarth. This was only a couple of days before the anoucement that on the 31st he would have his first work imprinted in The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. What's more, this was the start of his vocation. 6 Then, at 24, Dickens got well known and was so until he kicked the bucket. He won his first abstract distinction with The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Distributed in month to month parts in 1836 and 1837 the book depicts the diverting experience and misfortunes of the English Countryside. After a moderate beginning, The Pickwick Papers as the book was normally called increased a ubiquity only here and there coordinated throughout the entire existence of writing. 7 Then in 1837, Catherines sister Mary, kicked the bucket. As a result of her demise Dickens endured a great deal of pain. This drove a few researchers to accept that Dickens adored Mary more than Catherine. Catherine was a decent lady yet she needed insight. Dickens and Catherine had 10 kids. Afterwards in 1858, the couple seperated. 8 LATER LIFE His later years was fundamentally comprising of two primary augmentations to his past activites. The primary was a progression of open readings and talks which he started giving it methodicallly. What's more, second, he was a progressive manager. Dickens had been numerous things throughout his life; he was a correspondent , an entertainer, a magician, an artist, an instructor, nd a supervisor and he delighted in those things. 9 Dickens had an astounding mental and physical vitality. He recorded all his activites in a large number of letter, a considerable lot of which made wonderful readings. .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb , .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb .postImageUrl , .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb .focused content territory { min-tallness: 80px; position: relative; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb , .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb:hover , .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb:visited , .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb:active { border:0!important; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb { show: square; progress: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-change: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; haziness: 1; progress: mistiness 250ms; webkit-change: darkness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb:active , .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb:hover { obscurity: 1; change: murkiness 250ms; webkit-progress: murkiness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb .focused content zone { width: 100%; position: relat ive; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb .ctaText { outskirt base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: striking; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; text-embellishment: underline; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; fringe: none; outskirt span: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; text style weight: intense; line-stature: 26px; moz-outskirt range: 3px; text-adjust: focus; text-beautification: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-stature: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60 f311aac463cb .focused content { show: table; tallness: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u947c22edbabcefea2e60f311aac463cb:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Law in political theory EssayHe spent quite a bit of his later existence with swarmed social companions from expressions and writing. He likewise went to the performance center as frequently as could be expected under the circumstances, cause he cherished dramatization. Dickens additionally delivered and acted in little performance centers to give open readings of his work. 10 Besides doing this after his retirement he engaged in different causes . These foundations included schools for helpless kids and a credit society to nable the poor to demonstrate to Australia. At that point around 1865 his wellbeing began to decay and he kicked the bucket of a stroke on June 9, 1870. 2 Dickens Work The Great Expectations This story discusses a person who is infatuated with a young lady. It is the topic of a young people revelation of the real factors of life. An obscure individual gives the youthful legend, Pip, with cash so he can live as a refined man. Pips pride is broken when he discovers that he loses Estella always, the wellspring of his incredible desire. Just by agonizingly changing his qualities pips restore his life on an establishment of compassion, instead of on vanity, possesions, and social osition. End His work of Great Expectation is extremely related with his life. It manages similar issues he confronted when he lost Catherine and how his life was before he got rich and renowned. He likewise made scenes and portrayals of spots that have ached enchanted perusers. Dickens was a sharp onlooker of life and had an incredible comprehension of humankind, particularly of youngsters. The glow and funniness of his character showed up in the entirety of his works. Maybe in no other huge assemblage of fiction does the peruser get so solid and pleasing impression of the individual behind the story.

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Alternative Medicine and Unit Learning Outcome Essay Example for Free

Elective Medicine and Unit Learning Outcome Essay It is critical to have an all encompassing way to deal with overseeing agony and distress by taking a gander at the circumstance overall. The physical side as well as the psychological, enthusiastic, profound and social needs. Customary medication, option and integral treatments can be utilized as alternatives to assuage torment and different side effects whenever wanted. The consideration plan has been made with data which bolsters their way of life and culture. The reason for existing is to bring solace, poise and harmony to the customers just as help to their relatives. 11. 2Describe various ways to deal with reduce torment and limit distress Answer Use medications, for example, paracetamol, morphine, and ibuprofen. Utilize physical techniques like heated water bottle, rub, cooling with ice, repositioning. Exercise strategies, for example, strolling around or taking different activities, having a visit or accomplishing another thing to occupy from torment. Elective treatments, for example, fragrant healing, homeopathic medication, reflexology, needle therapy, yoga †these treatments ought to be utilized just where care proficient concurs with the gainful impacts. 11. 3Outline concurred methods of working that identify with man-maturing torment and uneasiness Answer Before utilizing any of the techniques to oversee torment, the customer should be surveyed, as each sort of relief from discomfort can be destructive, care plan and arrangements and strategies consistently must be followed and important safeguards must be taken. 22. 1Describe how torment and inconvenience may influence an individual’s prosperity and correspondence Answer 22. 2Encourage a person to communicate sentiments of dis-solace or agony Answer 22. 3Encourage a person to utilize self improvement techniques for torment control Answer 22. 4Assist a person to be situated securely and com-fortably Answer 22. 5Carry out concurred measures to lighten torment and uneasiness Answer 33. 1Carry out required observing exercises identifying with the executives of an individual’s torment or distress Answer 33. 2Complete records in required manners Answer 33. 3Report discoveries and worries as required Answer The above is an exact record of the scrutinizing. Student signature:Date: Assessor signature:Date:

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This graph shows the traffic going out of Birmingham City Centre using Broad Street

This chart shows the traffic leaving Birmingham City Center utilizing Broad Street. Vehicles are the primary methods for transport leaving Birmingham City Center. Vehicles start off very low. Nonetheless, at 9:00 AM there is an expansion of the quantity of vehicles leaving Birmingham City Center. This might be because of a â€Å"rush hour†. In any case, this lone goes on for 60 minutes. Moreover there is one more increment of vehicles leaving Birmingham City Center at 11:00 AM. This might be because of the reality it's getting closer to noon. Following an hour the diminishing happens once more. In any case, at 13:00 AM there is a monstrous increment of vehicles. This might be because of leaving in the wake of finishing their shopping. The measure of vehicles leaving Birmingham City Center continues expanding while the day goes on. Vans/mbs start off also, with the measure of vans/mbs beginning very low and step by step expanding. A similar example is appears with the transports. Lorries start off very high yet continue diminishing as the day goes on. Bikes remain low continually as the day progressed. This chart shows the traffic going into Birmingham City Center utilizing Broad Street. Vehicles are the primary vehicles going into Broad Street. We can see this because of the way that vehicles have the most noteworthy measure of vehicles by taking a gander at the diagram. Lorries and bikes be that as it may, have the least sum. During the early hours of the day the quantity of vehicles begins very high with the busy time being at about 8:00 AM. As the day goes on it begins to diminish. Anyway at around 12:00 PM there is an abrupt increment of traffic going into Birmingham City Center. This might be because of the reality it's around noon. At around 13:00 PM, there is a decrease in the measure of traffic going in. At that point it starts to ascend for an hour up until 14:00 PM, when it begins to diminish once more. From 14:00 PM till 17:00 PM the traffic going in continues diminishing. Transports and vans/mbs remain generally near one another as far as the measure of every that seems, by all accounts, to be going into Broad Street. In any case, transports show a similar sort of example that vehicles appear. During 8:00AM till 9:00PM the measure of transports is very high. This is very comparative with the vans/mbs. There is an unexpected increment at 13:00PM. Anyway Lorries and bikes consistently remain low as the day progressed. This diagram shows the traveler vehicle units (PCU) coming into Broad road. PCU represents traveler vehicle unit. This measurement is utilized to gauge the traffic-stream rate on a street, for example, Broad Street. The diagram above is presumably the most essential proof that fathoms my speculation. This diagram would give me an away from of whether Broad Street (a principle course into the city) was blocked. Utilizing the Government calculates the immersion point for a street, for example, Broad Street is 1522. This implied when a worth was over this, the street was clogged. The diagram shows that Broad Street was clogged for the duration of the day. At 9:00 AM it's at its most elevated (2780), this is top time at the end of the day. From 11:00 AM onwards, the figures consistently remained over 2000 however remained underneath 2500. I can say that Broad Street on that day was clogged consistently.

Nottingham City of Booze Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Nottingham City of Booze - Essay Example The different parts of Nottingham as one of the significant urban areas in UK are assessed in this paper. Accentuation is given on the city’s culture and legacy as they influence the city’s picture as a significant traveler goal. It is demonstrated that Nottingham, as a city, has numerous possibilities for the further development, particularly because of its council’s endeavors to control significant social issues, for example, hitting the bottle hard, yet in addition because of the endeavors of the British government to help the development of all urban communities across Britain with the goal that they will have the option to react to the requests of the 2012 Olympics. Investigating society and the city The exhibition of urban areas as far as culture is passed judgment on utilizing different models; for the most part, the range and the assortment of social occasions composed over a city are utilized for assessing the social development of the city since its fou ndation (Ashworth and Tunbridge 2000). In Nottingham, culture has a key job in public activity. In this unique situation, an Institute of Cultural Analysis has been set up in the Nottingham Trent University. The above organization plans to feature that in the present century, the every day life of individuals is impacted by new patterns, for example, ‘globalization, the contention between social personalities and the association among media and economy’ (Nottingham Trent University 2012). ... Occupants and guests can visit the ‘Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard’ (Nottingham City 2012, Figure 1), which offers significant data on the day by day life of the city’s inhabitants in the seventeenth century. Truth be told, historical centers and exhibitions are profoundly advanced in Nottingham, expecting to show the improvement of the city’s culture and morals as the centuries progressed. The city committee likewise stresses on the significance of data for comprehension not just the city’s history or its possibilities later on yet additionally the job of sciences in the improvement of every day human exercises. Thus, a wide system of libraries, around 17, has been created across Nottingham for supporting the exploration needs of residents, experts or scholastics. Open spaces in Nottingham are likewise exceptionally esteemed; these spaces are offered for walk or for outside game exercises, which are bolstered by the city’s chambe r (Nottingham City 2012). The most significant attribute of Nottingham as a focal point of culture is by all accounts its accentuation on celebration and other social occasions; these occasions, which are demonstratively introduced in the area that follow, have exceptionally contributed in the improvement of the city’s picture as a well known visitor goal. Celebrations and the travel industry Festivals are regularly utilized for improving the situation of a city or a locale as a traveler goal (Seal 2011). In Nottingham, a progression of social occasions has been orchestrated praising the 2012 Olympics; these occasions spread the period from March to December 2012 and join a wide scope of exercises, for example, shows in the city’s Central Library for featuring the

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Research Paradigms Essay Example

Research Paradigms Essay Example Research Paradigms Essay Research Paradigms Essay The structure of an examination study starts with the choice of a theme and a worldview. A worldview is basically a perspective, an entire system of convictions, qualities and techniques inside which research happens. It gives a theoretical structure to seeing and comprehending the social world; to be situated in a specific worldview is to see the world with a certain goal in mind. A worldview represents the whole group of stars of convictions, qualities and methods, shared by the individuals from a network. The essentialness of standards is that they shape how we see the world and are fortified by people around us, the network of specialists. Inside the exploration procedure the convictions a scientist holds will reflect in the manner they inquire about is structured, how information is both gathered and examined and how research results are introduced. For the scientist it is imperative to perceive their worldview, it permits them to recognize their job in the exploration procedure, decide the course of any examination extend and recognize different points of view. Along these lines, ideal models are rarely right or wrong however only various perspectives on. In that regard, they are to be decided as helpful or futile in explicit circumstances as it were. Full scale hypothesis and miniaturized scale hypothesis Macro hypothesis manages huge, total elements of society or entire social orders. e. g. battle between financial classes, global relations Micro hypothesis manages issues at the degree of people and little gatherings. e. g. dating conduct, jury consultations, understudy workforce associations 2 Early positivism The early positivist worldview of investigating social the truth depends on the philosophical thoughts of the French savant August Comte, who underlined perception and reason as methods for understanding human conduct. As indicated by him, genuine information depends on understanding of detects and can be gotten by perception and trial. Positivistic scholars receive his logical technique as a methods for information age. Thus, it must be comprehended inside the system of the standards and presumptions of science. These suppositions are determinism, observation, stinginess, and simplification. ‘Determinism’ implies that occasions are brought about by different conditions; and subsequently, seeing such easygoing connections are vital for expectation and control. ‘Empiricism’ implies assortment of certain experimental confirmations on the side of speculations or theories. ‘Parsimony’ alludes to the clarification of the marvels in the most monetary manner conceivable. ‘Generality’ is the way toward summing up the perception of the specific wonder to the world on the loose. With these suspicions of science, a definitive objective of science is to coord inate and arrange discoveries into an important example or hypothesis which is viewed as provisional and not a definitive truth. Positivistic worldview consequently arranges the information age process with the assistance of measurement, which is fundamental to improve exactness in the depiction of parameters and the wisdom of the relationship among them. This worldview sees human conduct as aloof, controlled and dictated by outer condition. Henceforth people are dehumanized without their expectation, independence and opportunity considered in review and deciphering social reality. As per the pundits of this worldview, objectivity should be supplanted by subjectivity during the time spent logical request. Ethnomethodology, established during the 1960s by the American humanist Harold Garfinkel, contemplates the manner by which individuals understand their social world, and achieve their every day lives. Ethnomethodologists start with the presumption that social request is a deception. While public activity seems requested, it is, in actuality tumultuous. Social request is built in the brains of entertainers as a progression of impressions which they try to sort out into a sound example. While ethnography looks to address inquiries concerning what's going on, ethnomethodology looks for answers on how real factors in regular day to day existence are cultivated. In this way, via cautiously watching and breaking down the procedures utilized in actors’ activities, specialists will reveal the procedures by which these entertainers continually decipher social reality. 4 Structural functionalism Structural functionalism, otherwise called a social frameworks worldview is a sociological worldview which tends to what social capacities different components of the social framework act concerning the whole framework. Social structures are pushed and set at the focal point of investigation, and social capacities are concluded from these structures. It was created by Talcott Parsons. The focal worry of auxiliary functionalism was a continuation of the Durkheimian undertaking of clarifying the clear dependability and inward union of social orders which are important to guarantee their proceeded with presence after some time. Social orders are viewed as cognizant, limited and in a general sense social develops, who capacity like creatures, with their different parts (social establishments) cooperating to keep up and replicate them. The different pieces of society are expected to work in an oblivious, semi programmed design towards the support of the general social balance. All social and social marvels are subsequently observed as being practical in the feeling of cooperating to accomplish this state and are viably regarded to have their very own existence. They are then principally broke down as far as this capacity they play. People are noteworthy not all by themselves however as far as their status, their situation in examples of social relations, and their jobs the behavior(s) related with their status. The social structure is then the system of statuses associated by related jobs. 5 Quantitative and Qualitative Quantitative research will be look into that expects to gauge utilizing numbers. Ordinary types of quantitative research are overviews, in which numerous respondents are posed inquiries and their answers arrived at the midpoint of and different measurements determined and examine dependent on regulatory information where for instance the quantity of individuals who have been patients in an emergency clinic every month is checked. The point is to make numerical depiction through a procedure of ‘coding’ verbal or printed information Qualitative research frequently portrays scenes, accumulates information through meetings, or examines the importance of reports. Here one makes a record or depiction without numerical scores practically speaking, the differentiation among quantitative and subjective isn't outright. Indeed, even in subjective examinations, it isn't unexpected to tally what number of witnesses fall into one or other classification HYPOTHESIS AND RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1 Qualities of a decent theory A speculation is a starter or conditional clarification or hypothesize by the specialist of what the analyst considers the result of an examination will be. It is an educated/instructed surmise. It shows the desires for the scientist with respect to specific factors. It is the most explicit manner by which a response to an issue can be expressed. E. g. On the off chance that you hit a youngster with a stick, she will cry. Both a speculation and an issue add to the group of information which underpins or disproves a current hypothesis. A speculation contrasts from an issue. An issue is defined as an exploration question; it fills in as the premise or birthplace from which a theory is determined. A speculation is a proposed answer for an issue. An issue (question) can't be legitimately tried, while a speculation can be tried and confirmed. (I) Hypothesis ought to be clear and exact. On the off chance that the speculation isn't clear and exact, the deductions drawn on its premise can't be taken as solid. (ii) Hypothesis ought to be fit for being tried. In a bog of untestable theories, numerous a period the examination programs have impeded. Some earlier investigation might be finished by specialist so as to make speculation a testable one. A speculation â€Å"is testable if different derivations can be produced using it which, thus, can be affirmed or discredited by perception. † (iii) Hypothesis should state connection between factors, on the off chance that it happens to be a social theory. iv) Hypothesis ought to be constrained in scope and must be explicit. A specialist must recall that smaller theories are commonly progressively testable and he ought to grow such speculations. (v) Hypothesis ought to be expressed beyond what many would consider possible in most straightforward terms with the goal that the equivalent is effectively justifiable by total ly concerned. Yet, one must recollect that effortlessness of speculation has nothing to do with its noteworthiness. (vi) Hypothesis ought to be reliable with most known realities I. e. , it must be predictable with a generous assortment of set up realities. At the end of the day, it ought to be one which judges acknowledge just like the most probable. (vii) Hypothesis ought to be agreeable to testing inside a sensible time. One ought not utilize even an astounding theory, if the equivalent can't be tried in sensible time for one can't invest an actual existence energy gathering information to test it. (viii) Hypothesis must clarify the realities that offered ascend to the requirement for clarification. This implies by utilizing the speculation in addition to other known and acknowledged speculations, one ought to have the option to reason the first issue condition. Consequently theory should really disclose what it professes to clarify; it ought to have observational reference. 2 Qualities of a decent research question. So as to be orderly, plainly characterized and explicit, an examination question must be researchable. To be researchable, an exploration question ought to have the accompanying attributes: I. Intriguing The exploration question should be fascinating to the specialist in light of the fact that without the continuous inspiration and excitement of the analyst all through the term of the venture, the examination venture dangers extreme disappointment. On the off chance that one is enthusiastic or inquisitive stomach muscle

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Gotterdammerung and The Barber of Seville

Gotterdammerung and The Barber of Seville [by Xenia Antipova 13] The very first time I heard of Richard Wagner was many years ago, in a summer novel: an elegant, cultured but boorish man took the heroine to see a Wagner opera. Being a frilly type of girl though, she did not hear a word of what he was saying about the plot and could only think about the lovely things that he could afford to give to her. It sounded fairly interesting at the time though (I paid attention to the plot) â€" what really caught my eye was the name of one of the operas: Gotterdammerung. A couple of years later, I watched a the film that mesmerized me: Tristan+Isolde, which is similar to Romeo Juliet in the sense that both deal with romantic love unrequited because of overarching politics, although the former is on a grander scale. Turns out one of Wagner’s greatest works was entitled Tristan und Isolde! This reenergized my desire to experience Wagner. Prospects for me not only managing to get tickets but also find an opera buddy steadily dwindled, until I became an Arts Scholar. This program’s mission is as follows: to foster an active community of students with an exceptional interest in the arts. The community’s resultant role is that of an arts leadership group, cultivated through events and mentorship.   During the first weekend of the semester, we travelled to New York to the Metropolitan Opera, to go see Wagner’s Gotterdammerung (!!!) and Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. Because many of us hadn’t studied Wagner’s works, we didn’t really know what to expect. Luckily, one of the arts scholars on the trip had, and gave us a synopsis during the ride, which I shall summarize: In exchanging vows of love, Siegfried, a warrior, gives Brunnhilde, a Valkyrie maiden, his magic ring, and Brunnhilde in return gifts him with her magic horse. Siegfriend then goes off on a journey, where he stops by Gunther’s and his sister Gutrune’s castle. Hagen, the villain, wants the magic ring and so comes up with a convoluted plot where he gives Siegfried a drug that makes him fall in love with Gutrune and agree to win Brunnhilde for Gunther. Meanwhile, Brunnhilde receives a request that she give up the ring to the Rhinemaidens or the gods will forever be cursed; she refuses. A number of battles and more deception ensue, and it all culminates in . . . Well, I won’t reveal the ending because it worth watching for yourself! In any case, if you know the Lord of the Rings, then it is strikingly similar. Tolkien wasn’t as original as he claimed! We finally arrived in New York; where we stayed at a really chic hipster hotel, the Hudson, interior decorated by French designer Phillip Starck: The next morning we had a lovely brunch at Fiorello’s, and then arrived at the opera house!     Once inside, there is a lobby that stretches the height of the building, with a grand staircase that branches and weaves around it. The interior is gorgeous! It looks like gilt leaf overlaid on brick, close-up. But from far away, the unfurling petals give a magnificent backdrop to the dazzling chandelier. Wagner’s opera lasted for six hours! I had never been to an opera before, and fully expected to fall asleep (especially after our huge delicious brunch that morning). But it was mesmerizing! And I was especially interested after the first hour, once I figured out how to turn on the subtitles (did I neglect the part where it’s all sung in German?). My favorite aspect was the set design: across the stage, a set of roughly twenty trapezoidal beams stacked vertically. They rotated in sync in interesting patterns, during a scene they would stop in whatever configuration needed (for instance, at one point when Siegfried is rowing a boat, the center four beams were swaying horizontally, while the rest of the beams had a waterfall projected onto them.) During the parts when only the orchestra played, abstract visualizations danced across the beam surfaces. I didn’t even remotely want to sleep â€" although a number of people in my row dozed off. It was so incredibly dramatic though, and lived up to all of my expectations and more. Afterwards, we had a scrumptious dinner at Puttanesca, and then back to the opera to watch The Barber of Seville. This is much more the typical opera, sung in Italian, is also comedic, and includes the famous “Figaro, Figar-oooo”. A short summary: There is a Count, who falls in love with a beautiful girl, Rosina. However, he wants her to love him for himself and not his money, therefore he disguises himself a poor college student and courts her. However, Rosina’s guardian Doctor Bartolo locks her up in his house since he intends to marry her himself. When the Count runs into an old servant of his, Figaro â€" the Barber â€" his luck changes, since Figaro has access to the doctor’s house. Figaro devises several ways for the Count and Rosina to meet and talk, and the story culminates in their marriage. A couple of us also snuck down during intermission and found some seats by the orchestra. The sound quality was truly incredible! And I didn’t need to borrow binoculars to see the set this time around. All in all, a fantastic first-time experience with opera! I am excited for when we go back next year. A big thank you to Sam Magee, the coordinator of Arts Scholars, the Arts Council at MIT, and all of my fellow Arts Scholars! Post Tagged #Arts Scholars

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Psychology Behind Harry Potter - Free Essay Example

Psychology, whether known or not, is right in front of our faces every day (literally). It is not that uncommon for filmmakers to plot a story about a girl with depression or even include a therapy session scene for the main character who is going through a midlife crisis. However, psychological lessons are explained to us every day in not-so-obvious ways as well. When you think of the Harry Potter series of books and movies, psychology is more than likely not the first thing to come to mind. It may come to a surprise that while exploring the magical realm with Harry Potter himself, the movie serves as an input of different psychological lessons into the viewers mind. By using common psychological phenomenon such as the us vs. them mindset to teach viewer to work together, and showing us that it is okay to be ourselves by including the struggles of conformity within social groups, and not to mention the implicated psychological anxiety disorder within the main character himself, Harry Potter. The movie, Harry Potter, tells the tale of a young wizard, whose parents were killed when he was one year old by a dark wizard, called Lord Voldemort. When Harry turned eleven, he discovered his true identity: a wizard. Despite his constant abuse from aunt and uncle and their attempts to keep Harrys wizard side from him, he is now able to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he learns how to use his powerful magic, and meets his two best friends/partners in saving the world, Ron and Hermione. Throughout the film, Harry and his friends have frequently had to face monsters and beasts, as well as Lord Voldemorts followers, and Voldemort himself. Ultimately, it is up to Harry Potter and his friends to protect the magical realm from Lord Voldemort and his army of dark wizards. Before Harry could even walk, something life-changing happened to him. His father and mother were killed. This traumatic experience leads to the implication of his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As said in module 49 of our textbook, PTSD is caused by a traumatic experience that leads to a high-stress feeling, the higher the stress, such as Harrys mother and father being murdered by a dark wizard in front of him when he was only one, the higher risk of posttraumatic symptoms. But, it is further into the movie that the symptoms make their debut. Within the first month of attending Hogwarts, Harrys roommates acknowledge Harrys first symptom, recurring bad dreams. As viewers, we get to even experience the dreams themselves including flashes of his mother screaming, Voldemort himself, and a massive burst of green light-all of which hinted at his repressed memory of his parents murder. Another recurrent symptom is flashbacks. When threatened or exposed to related scenarios of his traumatic experience, he would experience a flashback including the same images as in his dreams. Once these recurring symptoms became a consistent part of Harrys life, it was clear that avoidant behavior/thinking was the next PTSD symptom to occur, Dont think about that, Harry told himself sternly for the hundredth time when his mother or father would ever pop up in his train of thought. He also experienced symptoms such as feelings such as blame/guilt, trouble remembering critical parts of the trama, angry outbursts, and tension. To diagnose someone with PTSD, they must have At least one re-experienced symptoms: check at least one avoidance symptoms: check, at least two arousal and reactivity problems: check, at least two cognition and mood symptoms: check, and this must go on for at least one month: check. And as if having a mental disorder wasnt a big enough toll, Hogwarts itself had concepts of social psychology: prejudice. The tendency of some wizards to place a premium on pure blood (mother and father are both wizards) and treating half-bloods and Muggles (normal human beings) as second-class citizens is an obvious parallel to our own societys history of prejudice. Some characters, including Draco and Lucius Malfoy, explicitly espouse the superiority of pure blood, but this racist attitude may be the fault of Siriuss mother who treats these half-bloods and Muggles as second-class. Thus, her prejudice extends to her son. The emphasis on lineage and blood status suggests that Muggles and wizards are parallel to racial groups. The movie makes a strong link between the evil of Voldemort and the Death Eaters and the belief in pure-blood superiority. Throughout the film, all examples of prejudice and discrimination against half-bloods or Muggles are perpetrated by either the Slytherins or Voldemorts supporters, while each good character, without exception, not only explicitly denounces prejudice against hal f-bloods but behaves accordingly.